13 – 21 july 2018

gather & tailor warehouse
4/41-59 sims st, west melbourne
vic 3003, australia











speaker – simon gigliotti

associate director – vicyouth


live with purpose friday july 13 – 7:00pm
who was jesus? saturday july 14 – 3:00pm
the bible, fact or fiction? saturday july 14 – 3:50pm
God and suffering? friday july 20 – 7:00pm
forgiveness and freedom saturday july 21 – 3:00pm
the power of community saturday july 21 – 3:50pm

Turn on the six O’clock news, and what do you see? Most of the time, bad news. Families losing their children, warfare claiming the lives of hundreds – even thousands, natural disasters destroying the existence of thousands of poor and innocent people. If God is a God of love, then why does he let these things happen? Why do we see so much suffering in our world today?

Over these six sessions, our plan is to explore the truth and gain a full understanding of the nature of this life we live. Most importantly, we want to share this discussion with you.

All you have to do to secure your spot in this completely free event is fill out the short form below and we’ll be quickly in touch with all the details. See you there!